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Accessing data

ABS Confidentialised Unit Record Files (CURFs) Microdata

USQ has an agreement with the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) to provide public use of Confidentialised Unit Record Files (CURFs) for research purposes. CURFs contain unidentifiable data from ABS surveys in the form of a unit record and are accessible from the ABS Microdata website. The unit level for a CURF may be a household, an income unit or a family. The datasets have been confidentialised.

CURFs microdata is the most detailed level of ABS statistical data available, and is used by researchers in Universities, Government and the private sector. Information on publication output is available from the ABS Microdata website. The Australian Bureau of Statistics maintains a List of Available CURFs and a List of Expected CURFs. Technical papers and user guides are available for some datasets.

Surveys available include the following research areas:

  • health, disability, nutrition
  • census household sample files
  • childcare
  • business innovation
  • business characteristics and performance
  • education, literacy and training
  • household expenditure
  • income and housing costs
  • labour force mobility, earnings
  • time use

Accessing CURF data

  1. Register in MiCRO (the online system that allows you to apply for CURF access, and lists available CURFs). CURF data is freely available to USQ researchers under agreement between the Australian Bureau of Statistics and Universities Australia.
  2. All applications are completed online via MiCRO (Online CURF registration) system. Researchers working as part of a project team should make a separate application for CURF access. The University CURF Contact Officer (Research Information Management Officer) will authorise the application prior to final Australian Bureau of Statistics approval.

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