Harvard AGPS Reference list formatting

The reference list includes only the sources you have used in any submission.

The following formatting rules apply:

  • The reference list begins a new page with the heading – References
  • Arrange this in alphabetical order of authors' surnames, and then chronologically (earliest publication date first) for each author where more than one work by that author is cited.
  • If the list contains more than one item published by the same author in the same year, add lower case letters immediately after the year to distinguish them (e.g. 1983a). These are ordered alphabetically by title disregarding any initial articles (a, an or the). Works with no author are cited by title, with initial articles disregarded when determining the alphabetical order in the reference list.
  • If an author is known by a hyphenated surname, you should include the hyphen in your in-text citation (e.g. Willson-Murray 1997). Similarly, if an author is known by a hyphenated first name, you should leave the hyphen between their first initials in your reference list (e.g. Sartre, J-P).
  • The expression n.d. can be used if no date of publication is apparent.
  • If the place of publication is obvious from the publisher's name, it does not need to be repeated.
    The expression n.p can be used if no place of publication is apparent. If required, the names of countries and states are best spelt out in full but standard shortened forms can be used, for example St Lucia, Qld, rather than just St Lucia.

Harvard AGPS Referencing guide PDF