Academic Integrity for USQ Students

What is academic integrity?

Academic integrity is about honesty, respect, and ethical behaviour. 

This means that as a student you are –

  • Honest in how you approach your study, assessments, and research,
  • Respectful of the effort and work of others (by acknowledging when you’ve referred to the work of other people, and by following copyright and privacy laws),
  • Ethical in the way you conduct your study and research.

This ethical behaviour is not just important for university life, but also for professional conduct in the workplace.  Behaving with academic integrity will help you succeed both as a student at university, and as a professional in your chosen career and workplace.

Academic integrity brings to life the USQ values of respect, integrity and excellence.  When you act with academic integrity you will –

  • earn a degree with honest effort, and contribute to the scholarship of USQ
  • show that you respect knowledge, truth and scholarship, including respecting the work of others
  • build personal trust in the eyes of your fellow students and staff
  • develop and demonstrate effective study skills, such as searching for information, critical thinking, reading, writing and referencing
  • demonstrate ethical behaviour in every aspect of university study and life.

Our Referencing and Academic Integrity tutorial  can help you develop your knowledge and skills about academic integrity and learn how to avoid misconduct.


Where can I get help?

USQ is committed to helping all students to succeed.  We know that students sometimes feel under pressure and overwhelmed.  That’s why we provide resources for you to learn study skills. Our friendly staff members can help you to develop those skills. 

There are some useful tools on the USQ Library’s Study Support site including tools to help with:

For more help with study skills, academic writing, and assessment preparation, book a consultation with your Learning Advisor.

To learn specifics about referencing for your assessments, see USQ Library’s referencing guides, and make sure you follow the guidelines in your course StudyDesk or contact your course instructor.

For more advice or support about academic integrity, finding information for assignments, copyright, and referencing, please book a consultation with your Liaison Librarian.


Academic Integrity: It benefits everyone

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