Using library resources in StudyDesk

Linking to library resources in the catalogue

The library is currently moving to a new Course Readings Solution for creating and managing Reading Lists. Course Readings Solution allows you to search the library catalogue and add links to books, articles, and other resources directly into a course Reading List. Students can access these Reading Lists via a link placed in the ‘Course activity’ section of the course StudyDesk.

For more information about using Course Readings Solution in your course, please contact the Liaison Librarian for your discipline or view these step-by-step instructions for creating and managing Reading Lists.

Linking to library resources in eLOR

Create links via the Moodle ‘Add a Resource or Activity’ function to avoid end users repeatedly logging into Moodle. When linking to a learning object in eLOR, from other systems, use the Permalinks available from the item summary screen.

Further information regarding linking to items in eLOR is available.

Link directly to any eJournal article or eBook as articles from the Library journal databases and eBooks shouldn’t be added to eLOR. However, they can and should be added to the Course Readings Solution. If you are adding links within course content on StudyDesk, please ensure the links are accessible for all students by referring to the EZproxy Explained Guide (PDF 547KB).

Using objects created by another staff member

To use resources created/contributed by another staff member, you should seek agreement to use the object and ensure that this will not affect future use of the object. Inform the owner of the purpose and intended use of the object, explaining the context around the use of the object.

Acknowledgement of the author should be included e.g., ‘The following object is used with the permission of Joe Smith’.

Acknowledge the author

It is important to attribute content within a learning object, particularly images and graphics, to the author. This includes USQ-created content. Attributions can be added directly beneath the content, or on a separate Reference list at the end of the object. As a minimum, the following should be included:

  • content from websites - the URL and date accessed
  • content from books - author, title, year, page
  • content from journals - journal title, article title, volume, issue, page.

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