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Open Access Book Launch

Deleting Dystopia: Reasserting Human Priorities in the Age of Surveillance Capitalism
06 - 20 SEP 2021
9.00 AM - 12.00 AM
Online Book Launch

The IT revolution has brought many surprises. Among them is the fact that intensive surveillance and the related abuse of personal data have fallen into the hands of powerful digital oligarchies. Accounts of the increasingly repressive uses of advanced technologies and the subsequent ‘dumbing down’ of entire populations cast dark shadows over our future prospects that are beginning to look increasingly dystopian.

Deleting Dystopia confirms that these existential threats are real. But, in place of apathy and fatalism, Slaughter explores ways of understanding them, conceptualising solutions and identifying viable strategies. Taken seriously and widely applied, he suggests that the latter can help us avoid the worst of digital authoritarian futures in favour of those founded on humanly viable values and practices.

Read the book now: 

Also listen to author, Richard Slaughter talk about his new book with Luke van der Laan in this video. A shorter version of the video is also available.

The artwork in the book, which was created by Samara Hoffmann, can be accessed and reused under a Creative Commons Non-Commercial ShareAlike licence.

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Book cover by Tara Mann.