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We're making improvements online and on-campus

Improving your Library Experience

We always want to improve your Library experience. We have made some changes throughout 2018 and we are looking forward to making even more in 2019! The changes are always aimed to improve services, systems and access to Library resources and collections for all our students, however, wherever, whenever and why ever they study.

See some of the Library changes we have made in 2018.

We had a big year to change our Library system, and some of the policies and procedures. These changes are most visible to you through our refreshed Library Search and MyLibrary. It is still simple to use and gives you access to the huge world of information that USQ Library provides.

We have made it easier for our online students to request our library resources. You can request that they are sent to your home, or a chapter or article is digitised for you. To find out more, please watch our video.

For our on-campus students, we have made it quick and simple for you to book a study room in any of our three campus libraries. Watch our video to find out more on booking a study room.

We renovated our Springfield campus library, with new state-of-the-art facilities, such as: 24/7 access to the Library study spaces and computers; comfortable furniture for study and relaxation; a kitchen with facilities for students to prepare food and drinks 24/7; and technology-enabled 'study pods', group study rooms, and printing facilities. Watch a tour of our new library space.

We are always working to help students improve their study and research skills. We have a large number of helpful resources from our Study Support website. Many students struggle with referencing when they are researching and writing their assignments. To help, we have developed a tool called RefRight. To learn more watch our RefRight video.

We want you to succeed in your study. There is not always a person available to help, but help is always available. Please watch our video on 5 things to help yourself.
And when you do need extra help from a Library staff member, you can always contact the Library in-person, via phone, email, or online chat.

We always welcome your feedback on your Library experience too.

Come and experience USQ Library – we are getting better for you!