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Ipswich Library facilities

The Ipswich campus Library is located on level 2 of H Block and offers:

For additional information please contact the Library.

Study spaces

The Ipswich Library has a variety of different study spaces to suit your needs. This includes:

  • individual/quiet study
  • individual study rooms 
  • group study zones
  • group study rooms 

Whiteboards are available in some rooms.  Portable whiteboards and one workstation on wheels is available for use in open study spaces and group rooms.

Bookable rooms

There are 2 individual study rooms and 3 group study rooms which can be booked by students.

Bookings can be made via the Ipswich Help Desk.

Equipment for use in the Library

The Ipswich Library houses a variety of equipment for use by students, staff and members of the public. This includes:

  • Library Search and database computers
  • Student computers
  • Student printers and scanners (B&W and colour)
  • Print vending (to add money to print quota)
  • Photocopiers
  • Television

Specific information for students on locations, hours of access, quotas and printing is available from Current Students Computing.

Equipment for loan

The Ipswich Library provides a variety of equipment for loan by students and staff. This includes:

  • Digital video cameras
  • Still digital cameras
  • CD player
  • Scientific Calculators
  • KeePad Interactive TurningPoint kits (Staff only)
  • Whiteboard kits

Equipment can be borrowed via the Help Desk.


Library resources are found in the following collections:

  • Main Collection – range of resources across all subject areas
  • Course Readings Collection – limited loan collection of texts and some recommended references
  • UQ medical collection – A specialised collection for the University of Queensland Ipswich medical students and staff

The Library also provides online access to a large collection of ebooks and ejournals which can be accessed via Library Search.

History of the Ipswich campus

The USQ Ipswich campus Library officially opened on 7 January 2015 after the campus was purchased by USQ from the University of Queensland. A history of the campus prior to the acquisition by USQ is available at UQ Ipswich Campus: Progression of an Institution.

Library use guidelines