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Texan gets students hooked on fishing

21 Apr 2016 | Tags:
Shelton Killingsworth is starting a fishing club at USQ Springfield.
Texan Shelton Killingsworth is hoping to lure in avid anglers to join a new social group at the University of Southern Queensland (USQ) Springfield.

‎The first-year student is starting a fishing club to provide an outlet for students who enjoy fishing and want to meet new people.

“Fishing is a fantastic social activity and a great way to meet other students with similar interests,” he said.

“Students have to find a healthy balance between study and leisure, and joining a club can enhance your university experience and help you unwind from a busy study routine.”

Mr Killingsworth, who hails from Paris, Texas, arrived in Australia in September and is studying business at USQ Springfield this semester.

He spent eight years in the military, but decided to leave the United States so he could be with his partner who he met while deployed in Egypt.

As someone who enjoys the outdoors, Mr Killingsworth said a fishing club would allow him to explore Queensland’s south-east while doing something he loved.

“Fishing has always been a passion of mine and something I like to do when I need a break,” he said.

“Back home I used to only fish inland lakes and rivers, but here in Australia you can fish the ocean and estuaries, which is a lot of fun.

“It’s been an awesome experience coming to a new country and seeing what it’s like to live here and be exposed to a different culture.”

Mr Killingsworth said the club’s Facebook page would offer members a chance to network with one another, and organise fishing trips and fundraising events.

“I was surprised by the amount of interest shown by students who want to be involved,” he said.

“Sometimes it’s hard to find people who like fishing or don’t have the time to go fishing with you because of work commitments.

“If any of our members want to go out, they just have to put up a post on the Facebook page that they are looking for people to fish with.”

The USQ Fishing Club is open to all USQ students.

For more information find USQ Fishing Club on Facebook.

To learn more about USQ student clubs, visit