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Professor Shereen Hussein and Mohamed Ismail
With the Australian census only a few days away, University of Southern Queensland (USQ) staff and student statisticians were given an insight into how numbers can count.

Professor Shereen Hussein, a Principal Research Fellow at King’s College London, visited USQ Toowoomba today (August 4) part of a series of talks run by the School of Agricultural, Computational and Environmental Sciences.

Over the past 15 years, Professor Hussein has worked extensively in the fields of ageing and long-term care providing measurements on improving support services and systems, developing better working conditions, and how migration trends can impact on future labour force and policy.

She has worked with the United Nations, UNICEF, the World Bank, the Population Council, and the League of Arab States on research related to social characteristics of health and aged-care.

Today, Professor Hussein used statistics to illustrate to students labour force patterns among British caregivers.

“The aged care sector in Britain currently employs around 2 million workers and is expected to increase due to ageing demographics,” she said.

Professor Hussein detailed to students the data and methodology used, and demonstrated the relevancy of statistics in planning for workforce numbers.

Mohamed Ismail from Analytical Research Ltd (based in Surrey, UK) also gave a presentation at the research seminar. His talk was titled ‘Navigating through big data for the purpose of longitudinal analysis: a case study of a UK multiple snapshots administrative data.’

USQ Vice-Chancellor and President Professor Jan Thomas said the University welcomed Professor Shereen Hussein and Mr Mohamed Ismail.

“I thank them both for visiting our campus to share their extensive knowledge of the field,” Professor Thomas said.

“The importance of expanding knowledge and increasing excellence in learning and teaching is enhanced by visiting national and international academics from other universities and institutions.”

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