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State-of-the-art artists to talk creative innovation at USQ

27 Sep 2017 | Tags:
Two images. On left, a man using a keyboard near computer. On right, woman's face (image coloured blue)
Artists Peter Miller and Wendy Catling
Among the suite of astronomers and astrobiologists slated to speak at USQ’s Festival of Astronomy next week, Melbourne-based artist Peter Miller stands out.

Mr Miller, a professional composer, sound designer, and visual and sound artist, will visit the campus to discuss his project Watching Europa, which used high resolution animation to imagine life beneath the surface of Jupiter's moons.

His other work includes sound design for films The Ring and Rango and additional design for Mad Max: Fury Road, as well as a permanent installation in the Qantas first-class lounges in Sydney and Melbourne.

While in town, Mr Miller (also known as Scribbletronics) will be joined by fellow artist Wendy Catling to meet with USQ staff to explore artistic practice, technology, creativity and innovation.

Mr Miller will give a presentation entitled ‘The Everlasting Faint: Treasure Hunting in the Public Domain’ on October 4, discussing his latest project to delve deep into a number of public domain caches to bring the material into a new context.

The project aims to achieve two major goals: a re-illumination of the creativity of the original material (even when it’s not explicitly intended), and a re-ignition of interest in the historical records.

Wendy Catling (aka Ettamodern) is an artist, designer and teacher who employs light to create works on paper and fabric - particularly blueprint-style ‘cyanotypes’.

She has worked as a textile designer, theatre designer, improviser of sound and lighting and theatre administrator, as well as teaching art and photography. Her prints are held in the collections of Warrnambool Art Gallery, the Australian National Gallery and private collections.

Ms Catling will give a presentation entitled ‘Hard Light: A personal and contemporary approach to the historic process of Cyanotype’, discussing the history of Cyanotype, how to make Cyanotypes, contemporary approaches to Cyanotype and her own work.

What: Peter Miller’s ‘The Everlasting Faint: Treasure Hunting in the Public Domain’
When: Wednesday, October 4 2017, 10.30am-11.30am
Where: T124/T125, USQ Toowoomba

What: Wendy Catling’s ‘Hard Light: A personal and contemporary approach to the historic process of Cyanotype’
When: Thursday, October 5 2017, 12:00pm-1.00 pm
Where: Q172, USQ Toowoomba