Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, but not as you know it

Each year, USQ presents its third year theatre students in a Shakespeare production, and in 2018 students are preparing something a little different.
16 Apr 2018

Romeo and Juliet is one of Shakespeare’s most famous plays about love and tragedy.

However, USQ’s theatre discipline has cleverly re-imagined this work into a trilogy of short plays. Shakespeare’s timeless tale of teenage love and loss reworked and re-imagined through the exciting kaleidoscope lens of 21st Century sensibilities.

Enemies to Peace, directed by Lucas Stibbard (Helpmann-nominated nationally recognised theatre artist), is a play which delves into a robust investigation of male aggression and challenges that sense of vengeance and justice. Romeo Must Die!, directed by Kate Murphy, shows Rosaline challenging the notion that Romeo and Juliet died through fate and misadventure and seeks to put the blame on Romeo’s macho irresponsibility. The characters of Romeo and Juliet try to stop the tragedy from occurring again. Once in Verona, directed by Ari Palani, is a spoken synopsis of the story of Romeo and Juliet in modern verse form.

All three adaptations have been written by USQ Lecturer Scott Alderdice who states, “The overarching thing is we are looking to break Shakespeare’s work open and make it accessible in terms of modern values and sensibilities. It’s being driven by three young directors who have extensive experience in working with young people in community and educational environments, and they are all USQ Theatre graduates themselves.”

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Group of young adults sitting on chairs
This year’s Romeo and Juliet has been re-imagined as a trilogy which can be enjoyed on their own or as a suite over three nights.