USQ grads earn highest salary in the country

When deciding where and what to study, many turn to The Good Universities Guide for advice.

Prospective students will open their 2019 guides to see that University of Southern Queensland (USQ) leads the way in graduate employment rates and median starting salary.

The guide has today (September 24) released its 2019 resource for potential students, an extensive analysis based on student-relevant criteria such as graduate salaries, teaching quality, learning resources and much more.

The 2019 guide revealed the median salary for USQ graduates was $63,800, the highest in Australia.

It also found 80.5 per cent of graduates found full-time employment within four months of finishing their course – more than any other university in Queensland.

Vice-Chancellor Professor Geraldine Mackenzie said USQ worked with students to provide a world-class standard of learning and teaching.

“We recognise that to advance in today’s competitive world, we need to think bigger, act quicker and create better outcomes,” Professor Mackenzie said.

“Industries are changing rapidly and the challenges people face are more complex.

“These results demonstrate that our graduates are more employable, more skilled and more relevant.”

A new criteria in 2019 was ‘First Generation’ referring to the proportion of domestic students starting a bachelor degree whose parents’ education did not exceed Year 12 schooling.

With 40 per cent of USQ students in this category, USQ beats all other universities in the State in attracting these trailblazers who are the first in a generation to attend university.

USQ also received a five star rating in ‘Social Equity’ with the highest rate in Queensland of domestic students who come from a low socioeconomic or disadvantaged background.

“USQ is inclusive and supportive of all our students, regardless of their background,” Professor Mackenzie said.

“We ensure our programs and practises are equitable and just, including accessible pathways to higher education for those who need help.”

While pleased with the recognition of USQ success, Professor Mackenzie was keen to build on all of the guide’s results.

“The guide shows that we excel at providing high-quality education and have performed well across the board, but there is always room for improvement,” she said.

“The University is investing in a wide range of initiatives to net even better results in the future.”

two scientists in lab
The 2019 guide revealed the median salary for USQ graduates was $63,800, the highest in Australia.