Lachlan a USQ All Rounder

Despite busy class schedules, study and assignment deadlines, many USQ students go above and beyond in extra-curricular endeavours.
11 Oct 2018

Those exceptional efforts were acknowledged and celebrated at the 2018 USQ Student Awards at USQ Toowoomba last night.

The awards recognised outstanding student contributions in the areas of sport, clubs and societies, leadership and community.

USQ Mechanical Engineering student Lachlan Noller was named the USQ All Rounder for his contribution to the USQ student community.

Mr Noller said attending university was more than just pursuing a degree, and he found himself drawn to being involved within the USQ community through residential colleges, academic assistance and other volunteer roles.

Mr Noller was a Residential Advisor at USQ residential colleges and helped organise college events such as the Meet Up program which helps new students settle into university life.

He is employed in USQ’s Hypersonic and Mathematical Science Research area where he assists in developing and maintaining the Hypersonic Wind Tunnel.

Mr Noller volunteers with community group Red Frogs and Lutheran Youth of Queensland, and was awarded the Chancellor’s Prize in 2017 and 2018. The prize is given to the highest academic achiever on all residential colleges.

“Being involved in the student community and volunteering is beneficial for me as well. It is a great way to have a break from study,” he said.

“I have also built a lot of connections at the University that have helped me throughout my course and industry networks.”

Ten awards, including USQ All Rounder, Unsung Hero and Sportswoman/Sportsman of the Year, were presented during the ceremony.

Deputy Vice Chancellor (Students and Communities) Helen Nolan said there was a record number of nominations and congratulated all involved.

“The winners and finalists have made a significant impact, having put much time and energy into their extra-curricular involvement with the University and the community,” Mrs Nolan.

“The Student Awards give us the opportunity to formally recognise our students’ outstanding achievements and show employers that they have been highly involved with the University and their local community.

“On behalf of the University, I commend each and every one for their dedication and achievements.”

The other award recipients included: Ina Mills (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Community Service Award), Jack Young (Student Representative of the Year), Neha Bhatia (Multicultural Community Service Award), Nicholas Jones (Sportsman of the Year), Dayna Champion (Sportswoman of the Year), Kate Taylor (Unsung Hero Award); Julia Allen Best (UniSport Nationals Most Valuable Player Award), Martelle Ford (Community Service Award) and USQ Law Society (Highest Achieving USQ Club).

Student Award Winners:
All Rounder Award: Lachlan Noller
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Community Service Award: Ina Mills
Community Service Award: Martelle Ford
Student Representative of the Year Award: Jack Young
Multicultural Community Service Award: Neha Bhatia
Sportsman of the Year Award: Nicholas Jones
Sportswoman of the Year Award: Dayna Champion
UniSport Nationals Most Valuable Player Award: Julia Allen Best:
Highest Achieving USQ Club Award: USQ Law Society
Unsung Hero Award: Kate Taylor

Phoenix Award Recipients:
Domenique Cacciola
Gina Deithe
Alisha Sherdan
Amanda Martin
Erin Jones-Hadaway
Dan Jones
Katherine Rae
Ariela Randall
Jessica Rayner
Marlene Monteith

boy smiling
Mechanical Engineering student Lachlan Noller was named the USQ All Rounder at last night’s student awards.