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Fascination with planes propels USQ graduate to a career in aviation

USQ’s first Aviation graduate Tim Carney is staying grounded and focusing on career in aviation management.

An aviation enthusiast inspired by a video game has become the first student to graduate from USQ's Aviation program.

Tim Carney was fascinated by planes at an early age and like many children, he wanted to follow in his father’s footsteps and become a pilot – of sorts.

“I used to always walk into my dad’s office and watch him play Flight Simulator on the computer,” he said.

“Once I got a little older, I started to jump on board and have a go myself. That’s what kick-started my interest in aviation.”

The sky was the limit for the former Aviation State High School student when he enrolled to study Aviation at USQ Springfield in 2016.

Tim was part of the first cohort of students accepted into the new program and became the first USQ student to graduate with a Bachelor of Aviation when he received his testamur during a graduation ceremony in Toowoomba last month.

“I’m incredibly proud and honoured to be the first graduate of the Aviation program,” said Tim, who worked as an Academic Program Support Officer for the University throughout his studies.

“I’m extremely grateful to USQ and the support and opportunities given to me.

“The lecturers were always happy to go out of their way to help me. That high level of personalised support is what makes USQ such a great university to be a part of it.

“I also made a lot of friends and connections around the world.”

Unlike most of his fellow students who studied to become pilots, Tim majored in Aviation Management.

The course combined his interests in aviation and business, and taught him how to apply leadership and management skills to different areas of the aviation industry.

The 23-year-old is currently working towards obtaining a graduation position. His long-term ambition is to move into a senior management position within the booming aviation sector.

“I’m really excited to see how airports and organisations in the aviation industry operate and to start applying the skills and knowledge I gained from my degree, to my career,” he said.

As the first graduate of USQ’s Aviation program, Tim sets a high standard, something Head of USQ Aviation Professor Paul Bates hopes other students strive to reach.

“Tim was an exemplary student and didn’t put a foot wrong throughout the program,” Professor Bates said.

“What really stood out was his dedication to learning and the positive impact he had on not only his fellow classmates, but everyone he came in contact with at the University.

“He is an incredible role model for other students and a prime example of how we encourage all our students to proactively engage in all aspects of university and strive to become more.

“I am delighted to see Tim graduate and wish him well in his future career.”

USQ’s graduation ceremonies continue on Friday (May 10) with two ceremonies at the Ipswich Civic Centre.

To learn more about USQ graduations, visit Graduations.

Man holding degree
USQ’s first Aviation graduate Tim Carney.