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There’s WHAT on Uranus?!

USQ welcomes special ‘Curious Kids’ event

The Conversation is coming to Toowoomba, seeking University of Southern Queensland (USQ) experts to answer tough questions from tiny tots and teenagers.

‘Curious Kids’ is a popular series for children as part of The Conversation website which has an audience of 11.8 million (skyrocketing to 38 million through republication).

In partnership with USQ, a special Curious Kids event will take place on Tuesday (July 16) with a panel of world-leading scientists at the ready to answer questions about the planets, the stars, and the Universe.

Toowoomba’s Curious Kids will be treated to a talk showcasing all that is wacky, weird, and wonderful about the Solar system by USQ’s Jake Clark, followed by a panel of gifted researchers and communicators about all topics astronomical.

Chaired by The Conversation’s Molly Glassey, the panel will feature Curtin University’s Dr Katarina Miljkovic (Australian lead scientist on NASA’s InSight mission) as well as USQ’s Dr Belinda Nicholson, Jake Clark and Professor Jonti Horner.

Professor Horner said kids ask the best questions.

“They are fascinated by the world around them, and the vast cosmos above,” he said.

“But the best questions are those that are the hardest to answer, and it sometimes takes an expert to help explain just how things really work.”

Potential questions? Perhaps ‘Is there life elsewhere?’, ‘How was the Earth made?’, and ‘Is the Moon really made of cheese?’

The event will launch USQ’s 2019 Festival of Astronomy – a week of public seminars and lectures spread across USQ’s Toowoomba and Springfield campuses, and the Brisbane Planetarium. 

What: Curious Kids – There’s WHAT on Uranus?!
When: Tuesday, 16 July 2019, 5.00 PM - 6.30 PM
Where: Room H102, Allison Dickson Lecture Theatre, USQ Toowoomba

Girl with question marks above her head
A special Curious Kids event will take place on Tuesday (July 16) with a panel of world-leading scientists.