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USQ applauds new era for Australian space research

The USQ has welcomed today’s announcement of a strategic alliance between the Australian Space Agency and NASA.

Vice-Chancellor Professor Geraldine Mackenzie said USQ was perfectly poised to play a defining role in the new era and to drive innovation in Australia’s growing space sector.

“The Federal Government’s exciting decision to work with the US to return to the moon and travel to Mars will propel science and engineering in both our countries into a new realm,” Professor Mackenzie said.

“The Federal Government’s financial support will allow Australian organisations and research bodies to drive innovation and increase Australia’s share of the $350 billion global space market.

“USQ research, facilities and global partnerships are already something Australia can be proud of and we stand ready to support the Australian Space Agency as we realise a new era of space activity.

USQ’s Institute for Advanced Engineering and Space Sciences is at the forefront of Australia’s space sector – with expertise in astrophysics, lunar and planetary science, hypersonics, rocketry and advanced materials.

“Our expertise is already recognised globally – from our Mt Kent Observatory working with NASA on discovering new planets, to our Neora program delving into asteroid prospecting, to our Space Materials team testing static rockets,” Professor Mackenzie said.

“Our unique geographical location supports our space research programs and industry interactions. USQ's Toowoomba campus is the ideal home for ground-based observations and the strategic location of our rocket lab, static rocket testing facility and wind tunnel.

“Deep collaboration between USQ, the Government and our industry partners offers opportunities for growth and differentiation based on our natural advantages, unique capability and established partnerships.

“What’s more, investment in the space sector translates to technologies which improve all our lives – from robotics and automation to remote medicine – through industry-led collaboration and research solutions.”

mt kent observatory at night with lights illuminating the facility
USQ’s Institute for Advanced Engineering and Space Sciences is at the forefront of Australia’s space sector.