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Framed Fridays - Dr Thancoupie’s Untitled

An ongoing look at USQ’s Art Collection

Storytelling has played an integral role in cultures around the world for centuries, guiding intellectual, moral and creative endeavours to extraordinary heights.

The University of Southern Queensland (USQ) is honoured to house many extraordinary works of art, including pieces from renowned artists from across the country.

Framed Fridays – a weekly social media series – will shine a light on the collection, celebrating our country’s visual storytellers.

Introducing Dr Thancoupie Gloria Fletcher’s AO (1937 – 2011) Untitled ceramic vessel (image below).

Born near Napranum, Weipa on the Western Coast of Cape York peninsula, Thancoupie’s female elders taught her traditional stories and symbols through sand drawings, which she would later modify for her work in textiles and clay.

In 1971, she travelled to Sydney to enrol in a graphic arts course at East Sydney Technical College where she was accepted into the ceramics department and where she was taught by Peter Rushforth, Bernard Sahm, Shiga Shigeo, Joan Grounds and Peter Travis.

Her life, work and legacy has been preserved in the artworks she left behind, including Untitled.

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a sand coloured hollowed sphere with drawings on the outside
Dr Thancoupie Gloria Fletcher’s AO (1937 – 2011) Untitled ceramic vessel.