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Framed Fridays - Paulson's Untitled

UK born, Australia-based artist David Paulson received most of his formal education in Sydney and Tasmania.

Building a reputation as a master draftsman and life drawing teacher, Paulson has been the finalist for the Archibald Prize three times.

With a classical understanding, yet contemporary readying of both figure and landscape, Paulson’s work continues to draw national acclaim, held in many public and private collections including the Queensland Art Gallery, State Library of Queensland, and the University of Tasmania.

Representing a seminal aspect of the cultural heritage of Australia, USQ is a proud custodian of Paulson’s artwork.

art of bronze like side profile of kangaroo  holding a stick with a human hand
David Paulson's Untitled c. 1981 - 1984 - Bas-relief fibreglass - USQ Art Collection 2002.397