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Appleby twins take double step to university

Since the day they were born Betty and Daisy Appleby have done everything together.
First steps, kindergarten, primary school, high school and now university.

On February 17, the twin sisters will start Orientation Week at the University of Southern Queensland (USQ) with Betty beginning a Bachelor of Laws and Daisy a Bachelor of Science (Psychology).

“Throughout school we did the same subjects so now it’s a chance to do our own thing but also have each other nearby to help,” Daisy said.

The school leavers from Highlands Secondary College are also recipients of the automatic USQ scholarships announced last year with Betty receiving a Vice-Chancellor’s Scholarship and Daisy an Executive Dean’s Scholarship.

“The scholarship will be a massive financial help but that is not the reason I chose to study here,” Betty said.

“It was always going to be Law at USQ for me.”

Betty said since she could remember she had been interested in the law.

“I loved debating at school, and ever since I was young, people would tell me that I wouldn’t tolerate injustices.”

For Daisy, a Year 11 experience day at USQ guided her in the direction of studying Psychology.

“I am really interested in the way the mind works and I love science,” Daisy said.

The University of Southern Queensland is a family affair with their Dad just finishing a Bachelor of Laws and older brother Aden studying a Bachelor of Education (Secondary).

“Our whole family is very close knit,” Betty said.

“Our Dad will help us if we are stressed and our Mum will make us cups of teas.

“We have a big support system. All our family is very uni orientated and have encouraged us to be the best that we could be.”

Living out at Highfields, with the girls still clocking up the hours to get their driving licences, there is also a very busy family taxi service.

“We have a giant calendar in the kitchen which is filled with everyone’s information about everything,” Daisy said.

USQ Orientation Week kicks off today with the University Welcome as well as tours and activities.

Applications are still open for Semester 1 study. Find out more.
two girls smiling at camera with a pile of books in front of them
Highfields twin sisters Daisy (left) and Betty Appleby begin their tertiary education at the University of Southern Queensland.