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Framed Fridays - Daly's Lustre Pot with Enamel

The USQ Art Collection has many key note ceramic vessel pieces and among these is the work of Greg Daly. Introducing Lustre Pot with Enamel.

Daly received a Diploma of Art in pottery from RMIT in 1975 and a Fellowship Diploma of Art in pottery in 1976.

His work is represented in 80 national and international art galleries and museums including the National Gallery of Australia and the Victoria & Albert Museum, London.

This vessel is a beautiful example of subtle delicacy – a virtue demonstrated in the international acclaim Daly has received throughout his career.

Art critic Peter Haynes described his work as a ‘sophisticated essay in the ceramic medium, striking for the balanced harmony of elements and precise geometries of from’.

His work stands as a beautiful duality between mastery of form and colour chaos.

purple bowel
Greg Daly's Lustre Pot with Enamel - Ceramic Porcelain, gold leaf and enamel decoration - USQ Art Collection 2002.118