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Framed Fridays - Namatjira's Ghost Gum in Central Australian Landscape

A key figure in Australia’s culture, Enos Namatjira’s work demonstrates both technical excellence and conceptual depth, inspiring USQ’s visual arts students.

Born in 1920, Enos Namatjira's work was heavily influenced by his father Albert Namatjira, also a renowned watercolour artist. His subject matter captured the austerity and beauty of the Australian outback, imbuing them with knowledge of country and aboriginal spiritual beliefs. Known for his evocative gum trees, rolling blue mountains and dramatic lighting, his works provide a stunning snapshot of Australia’s untouched country.

Namatjira’s work is represented in numerous public and private collections within Australia, including the National gallery of Australia. 

painting of hills and trees
Those with a keen eye for watercolour paintings will recognise Enos Namatjira’s Ghost Gum in Central Australian Landscape.