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They’re back!

Cash boost for school leavers to stay in the region comes at the perfect time

The University of Southern Queensland’s Become Rewarded Scholarships are back.

And this news could not come at a better time for our region’s school leavers.

University of Southern Queensland Vice-Chancellor Professor Geraldine Mackenzie said now more than ever it was important to think of the future, and these scholarships could give peace of mind and financial security while studying.

“We want to give back to our community and for our high-achieving students to stay here in our local communities,” she said.

High school leavers who achieve an ATAR 97 or above and put USQ first on QTAC, will automatically receive a Chancellor’s Scholarship valued up to $29,000, including an optional study abroad package and leadership development.

Students with an ATAR 88 or above will be awarded a Vice-Chancellor’s Scholarship valued up to $20,000.

And students with an ATAR 84 or above will be awarded an Executive Dean’s Scholarship of up to $6,000.

Professor Mackenzie said the Become Rewarded Scholarships were a decisive move to help stop the brain drain, and attract students from capital cities to study at the University.

“We want to ensure our best and brightest are staying in the region, and that we are attracting school leavers from across the state,” Professor Mackenzie said.

“We want to build strong rural and regional communities, and we know that providing outstanding educational opportunities and careers right here in the region is the best way of doing just that.”

The suite of scholarships applies to high-achieving students who list the University of Southern Queensland as their number-one choice for QTAC (or any other university admission centre). The scholarships are available to school leavers studying full-time at any University of Southern Queensland campus.

“The University scholarship process has been simplified to encourage greater participation from prospective students,” Professor Mackenzie said.

“The scholarships are automatically awarded to students who place USQ as their first preference and meet the qualifying results – #putUSQfirst – it’s that simple.”

Georgia Poole finished Year 12 at Downlands College last year and received an OP1. This year she is studying Biomedical Science and a recipient of the automatic $29,000 Chancellor’s Scholarship.

“Receiving the Chancellor’s Scholarship was a game-changer, especially now with COVID-19, it has taken a lot of the stress out of the situation,” she said.

“For me coming to USQ was not just about the scholarship. I did work experience here and that’s when I fell in love with the University.

“I found it inviting, and studying while staying at home, has made travel and living expenses more manageable.

“Receiving the scholarship made the transition so much easier, and USQ has been equipped for online study for a long time.”

Similarly, first-year Engineering student Noah Humber, who received the Vice-Chancellor’s scholarship, always knew the University of Southern Queensland was where he wanted to study.

“In Year 9 I attended the Science and Engineering Challenge, and that unveiled my passion for engineering,” he said.

“Later down the track in Year 12, I found out USQ was offering the amazing scholarships, and it was close to home. I knew USQ was one of the best universities in Australia for Engineering, so it was the best place for me to go.

“It has meant that I have a lot less stress with HECS debt, and I have been able to transition into university life seamlessly.”

The University of Southern Queensland has three campuses – Toowoomba, Ipswich and Springfield – and also delivers degrees online. Courses range from Agriculture to Astronomy, Science, Law, Education, Business, Health, and much more.

It is also the number one university in Australia for graduate starting salary (*Good Universities Guide, 2020).

The Become Rewarded Scholarships, which are unlimited in number, are:

• Chancellor’s Excellence Scholarship - awarded to 2020 school leavers with ATAR 97 or above. The total scholarship value is up to $29,000 - this is $24,000 (over four years of study) or $18,000 (over three years of study) plus an optional study abroad package (up to $5000). Plus entry into a leadership and development program as well as the opportunity to participate in the Student Ambassador program.

• Vice-Chancellor’s Scholarship - awarded to 2020 school leavers with ATAR 88 or above. Total scholarship value of $20,000 over four years of study (or $15,000 over three years), plus the opportunity to participate in the Student Ambassador program.

• Executive Dean’s Scholarship – awarded to 2020 school leavers with ATAR 84 or above. Total scholarship value of $6,000 over four years or $4,500 over three years), plus the opportunity to participate in the Student Ambassador program.

Find more information about the scholarships and USQ here. 

two uni students smiling
Noah Humber, a first-year Engineering student who received the Vice-Chancellor’s scholarship sat down with Georgia Poole, who received the automatic $29,000 Chancellor’s Scholarship.