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Sneak peek: Flight simulator lands at USQ Toowoomba

Aviation students at the University of Southern Queensland are about to take off in a new flight simulator being installed this week.

The nose and flight deck of an Airbus A320 with software to replicate the genuine machine is being housed in the new Aviation Education Precinct at the University’s Toowoomba campus.

This flight simulator is in addition to the Boeing 737-800 simulator based at USQ Springfield bringing the University to the cutting edge of aviation.

Vice-Chancellor Professor Geraldine Mackenzie officially received the keys to the new simulator by manufacturer PacSim today (July 16).

“This gives our aviation students a huge advantage,” Professor Mackenzie said.

“Aviation students will be able to experience flying in our new world-class Airbus 320 type simulator in their very first year of study.

“It simulates the Airbus in every facet and is an ideal learning tool to teach the next generation of pilots to fly a jet and be airline ready.”

The University's $1 million flight simulators feature state-of-the-art equipment and technology, providing aviation students with real-world experience through multi-crew simulated training in an aircraft cockpit. 

The simulators are able to recreate an entire flight with both normal and abnormal scenarios, while completing all of the necessary checks and procedures in a real flight.

PacSim Director Iain Pero said having the two replica aircraft simulators gave University of Southern Queensland students a leg up.

“You are really lucky at USQ as you have one of each. There are basically two camps - Boeing or Airbus - and USQ has covered both bases to give students the chance to be prepared flying in both,” he said.

“It is the only university in Australia with that option – so a very big bonus for USQ Aviation students.”

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lady and man smiling in plane cockpit
“This gives our aviation students a huge advantage,” Professor Mackenzie said.