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Studying at the University of Southern Queensland: The case of a good decision

As early as Adelaide Cool can remember, studying law has been in her future.

“There were always jokes when I was little that I would argue a point or stick up for the underdog and people would say – ‘you should become a lawyer’,” Adelaide said.

“That started a spark in me, so I delved into it further and ever since I realised that I had such a passion for it.”

This research led the first-year law student to the University of Southern Queensland.

“It was really important to choose a university that would work for me,” she said.“I did my research and I looked into USQ. The fact that it is a smaller university and I was able to have that contact with the lecturers was super important to me.

“It was a great decision with all this craziness during the pandemic. Even though we were all online I would get an email response from my lecturer on the same day, so that was really great.”

Also helping in the “craziness” was the Become Rewarded Vice-Chancellor’s Scholarship that Adelaide received for getting an OP 6 and putting USQ first on her QTAC application.

“The scholarship was an added bonus,” she said.

“The Become Rewarded scholarships were a factor in why I chose to study at USQ and it has helped me massively.”

The Become Rewarded Scholarships are back for 2020 with three scholarship packages available to high-achieving students who place USQ as their first preference on their QTAC applications and meet the qualifying results.

School leavers who achieve an ATAR 97 or above will automatically receive a scholarship valued up to $29,000, ATAR 88 or above a scholarship valued up to $20,000 and ATAR 84 or above a scholarship valued up to $6000.

With early-offer QTAC offers opening last week, Adelaide has the following advice for Year 12 students looking at their university options.

“Do your research and back yourself,” she said.

“Think about what you love and why you want to go to university. Trust yourself.”

This was how Adelaide made her decision and she has not looked back.

“For me the University of Southern Queensland was the perfect choice to study my law degree,” she said.

“Despite the difficulties with COVID-19, in Semester 1 all the lecturers were so good and so helpful.

“Most of all they want to see you succeed.”

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First-year Law student Adelaide Cool