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Early bird takes off with University of Southern Queensland Aviation

Madeline Higgins has just received a first-class ticket to a degree in Aviation at the University of Southern Queensland.

The St Augustine’s College student was the first school leaver in Queensland to be made an early offer to study at university in 2021 after she placed the University of Southern Queensland first on her QTAC application.

The Year 12 student said the conditional offer was welcome good news in a challenging year for her cohort.

“It’s very exciting,” Madeline said.

“It’s relieved a lot of stress, and if I continue on my trajectory, I have an automatic place waiting for me at the University of Southern Queensland,” she said.

The offer allows Year 12 students leading into end-of-year exams reassurance of a place at university, based on a recommendation from their school principal or a successful completion of a USQ Head Start course – both of which Madeline has achieved.

Madeline has maintained a steady flight path, earning a High Distinction for the University’s Head Start program, and attending the Aviation Two-Day Experience, designed for high-school students with an interest in the discipline.

St Augustine’s College Principal Graham Meertens said Madeline had worked hard to secure her future.

“Madeline’s work ethic has been able to hand her multiple opportunities,’ Mr Meertens said.

“The Early Offer provides security for next year and keeps her really excited about learning,” he said.

USQ Aviation lecturer Dr Paul Lee said he was thrilled to hear the first successful applicant was a Springfield high school student wishing to pursue her dreams in aviation.

“This moment in time presents USQ Aviation students with perhaps the greatest opportunities in a very long time,” Dr Lee said.

“The next Aviation intake will graduate in around three years, which will most likely be when many jobs in Aviation start to re-appear.”

The next round of Early Offers is this Friday (August 21), with applications closing October 16.

Find out more information about the Early Offers. 

two men and girl walk and smile
Aviation lecturer Dr Paul Lee, Year 12 student Madeline Higgins and St Augustine school principal Graham Meertens.