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Simulation ambulance drives education forward

USQ has welcomed the arrival of its new mobile simulation ambulance which will be used by paramedicine students for simulation training.

Paramedicine training is hitting the road after USQ was handed the keys to its new mobile simulation ambulance.

The vehicle will be housed at the Ipswich campus where the University’s paramedicine students will use it for simulation training from the start of their degree.

It is equipped with everything you would find in an operational ambulance, including a power lift stretcher, extrication board, cardiac monitor and response kits.

The University’s Discipline Team Leader of Paramedicine John Latham said the vehicle would allow students easy access to different areas of the campus to facilitate training for emergency and non-emergency scenarios in an outdoor environment.

“This mobile simulation vehicle adds another layer to the quality learning experience at the University and a valuable way to give our paramedicine students a more authentic experience of what they will encounter in a real-life emergency or critical situation,” Mr Latham said.

“Our simulation opportunities are endless. Students may be called to care for someone who has been struck by a car in one of the campus car parks. At another time, they may be required to facilitate the birth of a baby in the back of the ambulance.

“The aim is to simulate the most realistic scenarios and challenge students to make clinical judgments and treatment decisions in high-pressure situations.”

Simulation training is a vital aspect of the University’s Paramedicine program, which allows students to gain hands-on experience in its simulation facilities as a complement to clinical placements.

Second-year paramedicine student Beki Seekamp said training with the vehicle would better prepare her for her career.

“This vehicle emulates what it is like to care for someone in an actual ambulance,” she said.

“We normally only get to experience that on clinical placements, but to now be able to do that on campus is a huge benefit.”

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People ambulance
Paramedicine students Beki Seekamp and Arno Gerber inside the simulation ambulance.