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World Cotton Day

The University of Southern Queensland's Dr Alison McCarthy is available to speak to the media about her research into the crop.

With around 1,500 cotton farms Australia-wide supporting a $1.8 billion annual contribution to the national economy, the cotton industry plays an essential role in the fibre (get it) of the Australian agricultural sector - and researchers from the University of Southern Queensland play a vital role in research that ensures sustainable, profitable cotton production.

Senior Research Fellow at USQ's Centre for Agricultural Engineering Dr Alison McCarthy can speak to the portfolio of cotton research projects completed and currently underway, from tools for insect scouting, automated surface and overhead irrigation, crop monitoring for plant stress detection, and the world-first USQ-developed 'See and Spray' technology for John Deere to boost weed spot spraying capabilities.

Media contact: Megan Woodward 0487 352 859 or Sarah Green 0417 799 331

researcher talking about ag tech
Dr Alison McCarthy can speak on World Cotton Day to media.