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Open practice

Education and research transform lives and USQ is committed to delivering that experience to the world. USQ has a commitment to enable broad participation in higher education and research and to make significant contributions to education, research and community development. Active participation in open practice and the creation of open resources is a rational response to the opportunities made available by digital information and communication technologies.

Open education resources greatly reduce access barriers for independent learners, provide remarkable opportunities to enhance formal educational experiences, and allow for open sharing of ideas. This represents the truly global and intercultural nature of education in the 21st century.

USQ has been active in the open arena for some time as a contributor to the OERu (a global open education consortium), EDUCAUSE Openness Constituent Group (a global network of open education and technology practitioners), The Open Education Consortium and the Open Source Initiative. It has an active cohort in the development of Open Textbooks and participates in many other openness activities in education and research.

Open practice allows USQ to exercise the four important rights of open resources - namely the capacity to reuse, revise, remix and redistribute.

USQ is committed to being an engaged university, developing partnerships with its communities.

Other Open sites supported and/or developed by USQ:

  • Open Inform at USQ: An ongoing international conversation about open education and openness
  • The Collaboratorium: Discussing openness, emerging issues and events at the University of Southern Queensland.


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