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Using OER at USQ

USQ has demonstrated a commitment to open education since 2007 when ten courses were offered as part of the MIT Open CourseWare Consortium (now the Open Education Consortium). Since that time, USQ has encouraged the use of open materials and joined international partnerships to share open courses and content globally. USQ was also a founding anchor partner of the Open Educational Resources universitas (OERu) and continues to contribute open courses for credit.

At USQ, staff have already demonstrated a day-to-day commitment to open educational resources in the following ways:

  • using openly licensed images, videos, textbooks, journal articles, and music to support student learning
  • creating micro-courses (short, focused courses) that allow learners to build existing skills or pursue an academic interest area
  • licencing their own work with Creative Commons licences
  • repurposing professional development courses or online student support tools from other universities with a focus on contextualising for USQ courses
  • providing open access to USQ research
  • using open data sets for learning activities and assessment.

USQ is also supporting open textbooks through a 2015 Learning and Teaching Grant to explore ways to create and share open content, and provide recommendations for the institutional mainstreaming of open textbook authoring. 

Access to USQ OER is via the eLearning Object Repository (eLOR) which allows both academic and professional staff the opportunity to openly licence and share their teaching and learning materials. These materials have already been repurposed and reused by other Australian and US universities, Australian TAFE Colleges, and open courses.

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