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Document Storage Warehouse

The Document Storage Warehouse forms an integral part of the purpose-built records and archives facility (O4 Block) located on the USQ Toowoomba Campus and managed by the Enterprise Information Management Services (EIMS) team.

The warehouse, has a total storage capacity of approximately 7,000 archive boxes (half-size), and is designed to store aged records (boxed only) in a secure environment for as long as required i.e. to meet business and social needs as well as external compliance obligations.  Aged records may, at the discretion of the Manager (EIMS), be stored in the warehouse on behalf of individual cost centres.

Guidance will be provided on compliant procedures for housing records in either Cost Centre storage areas, or alternatively, the Document Storage Warehouse (O4 Block). 

Whilst aged records accepted for storage in the warehouse are managed by EIMS the responsibility for regular appraisal and secure disposal of records, eligible for destruction, rests with individual Cost Centres. Find out more about the disposal of USQ records.

The team is available to provide professional advice and guidance concerning the relevant procedures and processes for:

  • (a) the storage of aged records in the warehouse, and
  • (b) the authorised disposal of USQ records. 

Further Information

For further information please contact us.