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Business Classification Scheme

The structure of the University's Business Classification Scheme is based on the functional activities of the University and is directly linked to the authorised Retention and Disposal Schedules.

The Business Classification Scheme is embedded in the University's records management system (Content Manager). 

The Business Classification Scheme is a hierarchical representation of the functions, activities and transactions of the University and can assist to establish a structure for titling records to make it easier to find, share and dispose of records.

The Business Classification Scheme is comprised of three levels:

  • Level 1 - Functions (represents the business functions of the University)
  • Level 2 - Functions and Activities (represents the activities within the business functions)
  • Level 3 - Functions, Activities and Transactions (represents the transactions that take place within each activity)

The following list represents the business functions (Level 1) undertaken at the University:

  • Asset Management
  • Collections Management
  • Common Activities
  • External Relations
  • Financial Management
  • Food Services
  • Governing Bodies
  • Human Resource Management
  • Industrial Relations
  • Information Management
  • Legal Services
  • Property Management
  • Publishing
  • Research
  • Strategic Management
  • Student Administration
  • Support Services
  • Teaching and Learning
  • University Governance
  • Work Health and Safety
  • Workforce Management

For further advice on the Business Classification Scheme or retention and disposal of records please contact Enterprise Information Management Services.