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Disposal of USQ Records

USQ employees, including contractors, are not permitted to destroy USQ records other than in accordance with the following authorised Records Disposal and Retention Schedule, approved by the Queensland State Archivist:

All authorised disposals of USQ records must be recorded in a Records Disposal Register.

The Records Disposal Register must be signed by the Organisational unit Manager and forwarded to the Manager (Enterprise Information Management Services ) for final approval.  This is a requirement under Principle 6 of the Queensland State Archives Records governance policy, that agencies must dispose of records in a planned and authorised way.

Disposal Freeze

The Queensland State Archivist can order a disposal freeze on certain classes of records at any time, overriding any ‘temporary’ retention status in the authorised schedules. 


Current disposal freeze effective 1 June 2018:

In response to recommendations arising from the Final Report of the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse, the Queensland State Archivist has issued a disposal freeze for all records which are relevant to, or may become relevant to, an allegation of child sexual abuse.  The disposal freeze will remain in force until further notice.


Further Information


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