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Disposal Schedules

Disposal of USQ Records

USQ employees, including contractors, are not permitted to destroy USQ records other than in accordance with an authorised Records Disposal and Retention Schedule, approved by the Queensland State Archivist.  Disposal of USQ records must be made in accordance with the Records Disposal Policy.

Generic records (held by most Qld Government departments and agencies) are covered in the General Retention and Disposal Schedule issued by Queensland State Archives (QSA). 

Core business records (held by Queensland universities) are covered in the University Sector Retention and Disposal Schedule (QDAN 601 v.3) developed by Queensland public universities and approved by Queensland State Archives (QSA). 

All authorised disposals of USQ records must be recorded in a Records Disposal Register (xlxs 25KB).   The Records Disposal Register must be signed by the Cost Centre Manager and forwarded to the Manager (Corporate Records) for final approval.  This is a mandatory requirement under Principle 2, Information Standard 31:  Retention and Disposal of Public Records (IS31).