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Recordkeeping Implementation Project

In response to the Queensland Government initiative, the 'Whole-of-Government Recordkeeping Framework', USQ established in September 2002, a Recordkeeping Working Party (now known as Recordkeeping Board). Provision has been made for a broader consultation process through the Recordkeeping Reference/Advisory Group and the Recordkeeping Functional/Support Group comprising faculty/section representatives. The Recordkeeping Board has responsibility for the oversight of the broader Recordkeeping Implementation Project including the sub-project 'TRIM e-DRMS Implementation project'.

Project description

To undertake an organisational wide planning and implementation process to ensure successful implementation of the mandatory requirements of:

  • Information Standard 40 Recordkeeping (IS40)
  • Information Standard 31: Retention and Disposal of Public Records (IS31).


  • to assist in corporate statutory compliance
  • to develop a corporate recordkeeping culture of ‘best practice' for USQ.


  1. to comply with legal, administrative, cultural and business recordkeeping requirements.
  2. to establish and maintain reliable recordkeeping systems.
  3. to ensure that full and accurate records are adequately documented, preserved and made accessible for as long as those records have value.


  • all USQ campuses and centres
  • all USQ faculties and sections
  • Chancellor's Office
  • all records maintained by USQ overseas agents and partners.


30 June 2004 - Recordkeeping strategic and operational plans developed and approved
1 July 2004 - Commencement of the implementation process
Ongoing - Complete implementation across USQ.

Benefits to USQ

  • usable and accessible system for the preservation of the ‘corporate memory'
  • making and keeping complete and accurate records as evidence of business transactions
  • provision of consistent recordkeeping business tools, policies and guidelines to the University community
  • provision of appropriate recordkeeping training to all senior management and staff, as required
  • provision of appropriate recordkeeping technology to assist the University community in maintaining evidential records of its business activities.

USQ Recordkeeping Plans

In accordance with Information Standard: IS40: Recordkeeping (IS40), USQ has developed organisational Strategic and Operational Recordkeeping Plans, approved by the Vice-Chancellor, as follows:

  • USQ Strategic Recordkeeping Implementation Plan (SRIP)
  • USQ Operational Recordkeeping Implementation Plan (ORIP).

Disposal schedules and policies

A number of Disposal Schedules and Policies are available to University staff.

Further information

Implementation of the USQ Recordkeeping Implementation Project and the associated TRIM e-DRMS Implementation Project is coordinated through the Project Manager, Derek Turner.

Additional information on Recordkeeping at USQ is available.


As a public authority, USQ is required under the Queensland Government initiative - the Whole-of-Government Recordkeeping Framework to comply with:

Additional policies and guidelines are available through the Queensland State Archives (QSA).
Recommended reading is the Best Practice Guide to Recordkeeping (PDF 657 KB).


The publication Glossary of Archival and Recordkeeping Terms (PDF 575 KB) issued by Queensland State Archives (QSA) is available.


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