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Records Manager e-DRMS

What is Records Manager?

Records Manager is the new generation Electronic Document and Records Management System (e-DRMS), previously known as TRIM.

The benefits of Records Manager include:

  • widely recognised as a leading e-DRMS software solution for managing records and objects of various formats;
  • enables users to capture, manage and access USQ corporate information in a secure environment and, if necessary, to share information within business teams (subject to appropriate access controls);
  • provides authorised users secure access to student files via StudentRM;
  • provides a more robust, reliable and transparent information management system than the current process of saving documents and files locally; and
  • identified as the primary driver to assist USQ in meeting its records and information management compliance obligations and business needs.

Who will use Records Manager?

Records Manager enables authorised University employees (contractors and consultants) to capture, use, store and access University business records and information. Records Manager continues to be deployed to various levels of management and support teams across the organisation.

Records Manager Help Desk

Experiencing issues or problems with Records Manager?  Please call:

or email: Records Manager