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Confirmation of Candidature - Candidate : Abdulla Ahmad

An Examination of the Relationship between Knowledge Management and Absorptive Capacity in the UAE Government Sector
13 OCT 2021
3.15 PM - 4.45 PM

This research examines the interaction between government organisations and variables in order to establish a framework for understanding and using knowledge management and absorptive capacity in the United Arab Emirates. The object is to share knowledge management and absorptive capacity across organisations and to manage them effectively in order to achieve innovation. The findings of this study can assist decisionmakers to gain better understanding of how to implement knowledge management and absorptive capacity into organisational restructuring, recruiting, training, processes, and procedures. Additionally, it will assist management in utilising human resources to enhance KM and AC principles within organisations. The public sector in the UAE can use the new information and knowledge gathered to develop a strategy for overcoming malfunctions and learn how to adapt to demanding situations and a fast-paced environment.

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