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HDR Essentials. GRS Webinar Series - Visual Presentation Skills for Researchers

Presented by Bronte van der Hoorne
13 OCT 2021
12.00 PM - 1.00 PM

Visuals can help you increase the clarity and impact of your research. Whether you are at confirmation stage, compiling your monograph or writing journal articles, in this session learn about: 

  • why visuals help you extend the clarity and impact of research
  • readily available tools that can help you visualise your ideas
  • practical tips and processes that enable you to efficiently bring a professional edge to your visuals  

Note: this session will not focus on ‘big data’ visualisation. 

Dr Bronte van der Hoorn is a project management academic in the School of Business. Bronte’s skills in visualisation were developed during her time as a consultant in industry and she now applies these skills to her research endeavours. Bronte is passionate about sharing with fellow researchers the skill of visualisation to increase the impact of their work.