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Research Seminar - Centre for Applied Climate Sciences : Dynamical Downscaling - What is it Good for?

Presented by Professor Jason Evans from the Climate Change Research Centre at UNSW
20 OCT 2021
10.00 AM - 11.00 AM

The climate system is global in nature and climate projections are created using Global Climate Models (GCMs) as the primary tools. With limited computational resources global models in CMIP6 use an average resolution of ~1.5o. This resolution is too coarse to capture local climate phenomena that are very important in some areas, including the influence of mountains and coastlines. It is also too coarse to capture some processes that are important in the production of climate extremes that are responsible for much of the climate related risk to human and natural systems. To overcome this limitation the global climate projections can be dynamically downscaled to higher resolutions. In this presentation I will describe dynamical downscaling, the evidence that it improves on global models, and when it is most useful. Along the way you’ll hear about some of the research I have been doing as well.

For more information, please contact Krystal Watson.