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Confirmation of Candidate - Candidate : Md Jahangir Kabir

Impact of and Farmers’ Risk Responses to Climate, Market and Policy Change: A Whole Farm Analysis
30 NOV 2021
10.30 AM - 12.00 PM

Australian farming vulnerability is likely to be paramount under 1.5 °C warming by 2050, consequently, agribusiness will be more challenging without resilient adaptation responses. However, none of the studies modelled adaptation strategies consisting of farm management changes, and market-based adaptation strategies involving carbon, insurance and farm savings/borrowing. The thesis will explore the opportunities to adapt to multiple (climate, market) risks with a portfolio of adaptation options available to pastoral and mixed crop-livestock farms in low rainfall areas of NSW. The MATLAB software programme will be used to develop optimisations for farm profit under historical and future conditions (2030 and 2050) given the current and potential future adaptation strategies for a set of representative farms in low rainfall areas of NSW.

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