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Confirmation of Candidature - Candidate : William McCann

Evaluating Distress of Patients Following Cardiac Surgery in Rural Areas
24 NOV 2021
2.30 PM - 4.00 PM

This research investigates the extent that psychological distress is impacted by remoteness of living, and what factors and stressors influence this association in post-operative cardiac patients. This research adopts a mixed methods approach evaluating the stressors and vulnerabilities patients face, how these vary as a function of remoteness, and to understand the impact on psychological distress (depression, anxiety, and stress). Study one involves a systematic review of the literature on the influence of psychological distress on cardiovascular disease incidence and recovery. Study two consists of pre- and post-operative interviews to identify factors and stressors affecting patients. Study three is a longitudinal quantitative correlational study that will track post-surgery change over time in stressors, psychological distress, cardiac and general health across different remoteness areas. 

For more information or the Zoom password, please contact the Graduate Research School.