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Confirmation of Candidature - Candidate : Imalka Rathnayaka

The Economics of COVID-19 Pandemic: Assessing the Macroeconomic Impact
24 NOV 2021
1.00 PM - 2.30 PM

The coronavirus disease outbreak continues to have enormous economic impacts on global activities. This study aims to estimate the short-term fiscal impact and long-term macroeconomic impact of COVID-19 on nations around the world. The study is motivated by ongoing coronavirus outbreaks and broad changes in macroeconomic conditions. This study will contribute to knowledge of the economics of the COVID-19 pandemic by assessing variations in macroeconomic factors. This thesis will include a systematic literature review, a cross-sectional study, and three-panel data studies employing secondary data from selected high fatality 40 countries. The results will provide insights into the efficacy of the government's policy responses, the aggregate demand and supply nexuses, and fiscal support to reduce the economic hazards of the pandemic.

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