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Confirmation of Candidature - Candidate : John Todd

Generational Change through Multi-Agency Governance
15 DEC 2021
12.00 PM - 1.30 PM

In the last 10 years, youth crime and youth wellness have played a major role in society. Rates of youth crime are played in digital and print media in Queensland every day. Unlawful use of motor vehicles carried out by youth offenders has resulted in the deaths of innocent by-standers, causing uproar in the community. This uproar has led to knee-jerk reactions by government, with multiple changes in legislation to combat this emerging issue. Youth wellness has now become a battleground for different government organisations. Rates of youth crime and youth suicide have never been higher (without Covid-19 influences). This proposed research looks at inter-governmental, multi-agency working groups that are formed to combat major social issues. The research will cover what it takes to lead the groups and to share information across all concerned partnerships, to the ultimate benefit of the young people of Queensland.

For more information, please contact the Graduate Research School.