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Confirmation of Candidature - Sanshao Peng

Factors Influencing Consumer Purchase Intention Toward Single-Pilot Commercial Airline Operations
05 MAY 2022
9.30 AM - 1.30 PM
Online via Zoom
Demand for global air transport increased steadily over the past decades and the size of the aircraft fleet continues to increase worldwide, which in turn increases the demand of pilots to operate commercial airline aircraft. According to Boeing's CEO, the growing shortage of pilots can be one of the biggest challenges facing the airline industry because the number of pilots being trained are unable to keep up with demand. A single pilot on the flight deck operating a commercial aircraft, assisted by even more advanced onboard automation and/or a remote pilot on the ground, may provide a more feasible option for addressing the shortage of pilots. Therefore, understanding factors affecting consumer purchase intention toward single pilot commercial operations assists the researcher to predict consumers' actual decision to buy and findings from this study are expected to provide airlines with critical information regarding whether using single pilot commercial airline operations.