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Research Institutes

The Institute for Agriculture and the Environment focuses on delivering applied, practical and profitable research solutions that strengthen agricultural productivity and environmental management in Australia and overseas.

The Institute for Resilient Regions focuses on supporting regional resilience, enabling a regional Australia better able to innovate, collaborate, prosper and define positive futures for itself. IRR’s research helps equip regions and their communities to develop strong and effective leadership, prosper through sustainable business and development, maintain good health and well-being and exploit technology and infrastructure.


Research Centres

The Australian Centre for Sustainable Business and Development (ACSBD) focuses on improving profitability, sustainability and resilience of SMEs and business associated with food and fibre value chains, accelerating the industrial and commercial adoption of sustainability innovation and building leadership and capability for regional organisations.

The Centre for Crop Health (CCH) focuses on laboratory and field-based research into crop health that is centred on diseases of broad-acre winter and summer crops and the critical effects on crop health of other biotic and abiotic factors.

The Centre for Future Materials (CFM) focuses on research and development of fibre (from macro scale down to nano-scale) reinforced polymer/clement composite materials for different engineering applications.

The Centre for Health Sciences Research (CHSR) is a partnership between the University of Southern Queensland and the University of Queensland focuses on collaborative, multidisciplinary research related to the epidemiology, biomedical and cell biology and clinical health & well-being.

The Computational Engineering and Science Research Centre (CESRC) is a multi-disciplinary group with an international reputation for excellence in the development of novel computational methodologies for solving key problems in agriculture, the resource sector, engineering and the sciences. Researchers at CESCR are able to connect industry with world-class expertise and advanced computational engineering tools capable of creating leading edge smart design, products and technology. Our computational modelling offers farmers, the resource sector and policy makers opportunities to understand the potential impacts of decisions that relate to highly variable and complex agricultural and land management systems.

The International Centre for Applied Climate Science (ICACS) is regarded as a world leader in climate science and its application to the modelling of potential economic, environmental and social impacts arising from climate variability and change. ICACS research is applied to better manage agricultural productivity, build sustainable production and distribution systems, forecast and manage risk and return in commodity, insurance and reinsurance, and finance and equity markets.

The National Centre for Engineering in Agriculture (NCEA) is world class research facility renowned for its pioneering research in irrigation, water use efficiency, precision agriculture, farm mechanisation, development of profitable and resilient production systems that optimise inputs of labour, energy and water, and applied natural resource management. The NCEA is focused on developing intelligent and autonomous farming systems for direct application by industry.

Research is also undertaken by staff in: