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USQ Winter Festival of Astronomy 2016

The 2016 USQ Winter Festival of Astronomy held in July at the University of Southern Queensland Toowoomba Campus was a great success. In 2017, this has been renamed, the Festival of Astronomy and Space and, will be held from 3 – 7 October and, 9 and 10 October, 2017. For more information please refer the 2017 Festival of Astronomy and Space website.

NASA scientists and planet hunters from around the world converged on USQ for four days AND nights of presentations, panel discussions and star-gazing open to the general public.

This world-wide community discussed the search for planets, for life elsewhere, and our place in the universe.

The Festival features scientists from NASA and San Francisco State University as well as USQ's own astronomers,highlighted the growing role USQ plays in finding new planets, and eventually life, beyond our Solar system.

Over the last 50 years, the revolution in space sciences has progressed beyond our imagining. This relatively short history of modern scientific endeavour has resulted in man walking on the moon, the development of an international space station and exploratory spacecraft roving the surface of Mars and probing the depths of space. Just 24 years ago, we had yet to find a single planet orbiting another star outside our solar system. Today we study more than three thousand planets around stars other than our own and our knowledge continues to grow.

At the inaugural USQ Winter Festival of Astronomy, we will be looking to the future - and the search for life beyond our Solar system.



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The event is supported through USQ's Researcher Development and Training (ReDTrain).
Professor Jan Thomas has also acknowledged the Festival through the provision of a Vice-Chancellor's Award