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Current projects

Our current research includes investigating the Enterprise Overflow Router appliance, as well as the USQ High Performance Computing Cluster.

Dr Alexander Kist

Title: Enterprise Overflow Router performance testing
Investors: A.A. Kist
Sponsor: Exinda Networks Pty Ltd, Australian Telecommunications Cooperative Research Centre (ATcrc).
Abstract: The Enterprise Overflow Router is an appliance, allowing cost efficient, straight forward multi-homing of small and medium sized company networks. Simple multi-homing allows the simultaneous use of multiple Internet service providers. Internet access technology can vary, including ADSL, wireless broadband and other technologies. Multiple Internet connections are necessary to increase available bandwidth or increase the resilience to failure. This focuses on the performance assessment of the prototype.

Prof Thanh Tran-Cong

Title: USQ High Performance Computing Cluster
Coordinator: Prof T. Tran-Cong on behalf of USQ Research communities
Sponsor: QCIF (Queensland Cyber-Infrastructure Foundation)
Period: 2009-2011 and beyond