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Institute for Agriculture and the Environment (IAgE)

The Institute for Agriculture and the Environment (IAgE) is focused on delivering applied, practical and profitable research solutions that strengthen agricultural productivity and environmental management challenges in Australia and overseas.

  2015 IAgE Annual Report
  Download the Institute's 2015 Annual Report
(PDF 3.2MB)

Download the Institute's Annual Reports

IAgE 2015 Annual Report (PDF 3.2MB)

IAgE 2014 Annual Report (PDF 5MB)

Our research focus

  • Developing future agricultural production systems
  • Creating opportunities and efficiencies in food and fibre value chains
  • Improving management of risk and resilience in agriculture.

More than a hundred and forty researchers work within USQ’s world-class research groups in climate science, irrigated agriculture and engineering in agriculture.

The establishment of the Institute builds on USQ’s 20-year track record for research and development partnerships and co-investment with the agricultural sector.

Industry gains of more than half a billion dollars a year are already attributed to advances in agricultural systems and technology developed by USQ.

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USQ Institute for Agriculture and the Environment – a vision for the future

An interview with Professor Steven Raine.