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Sustainable Agricultural Environments Research Group

  Dr Tek Maraseni
  Associate Professor Tek Maraseni, Vice-Chancellor's
Research Fellow, working to improve the management of
risk and resilience in agricultural environments.


A Quality Standard for Forest Governance:
IGES Forest Governance e-Learning Series 2

Watch the video developed by our Project Partner,
the Institute for Global Environmental Strategy

explaining how the Sustainable Agriculture Environments
Research Group's governance project works in Nepal.

Program Profile

The Sustainable Agricultural Environments Research Group conducts research on and for the management of multiple benefits from rural landscapes.

Geographical scope: The research program has its roots in the Darling Downs and South West of Queensland. In addition, the group undertakes work of national scope and significance and international projects in developing countries, especially in South-East Asia.

Research capacity and skills: Multi-disciplinary research teams examine land use issues and options in the context of socio-ecological systems. The group has skills in ecological assessments, spatial analysis, the measurement and monitoring of contaminants, forest production and carbon sequestration rate analyses, species distribution modelling, social assessments and surveys, farm and regional economic analyses and policy evaluation and development.

Landscape design for maximising multiple benefits:

  • maximising the multiple benefits from riparian areas in rural landscapes
  • maximising the benefits from small-scale multi-function forests (native, plantation and regrowth)
  • policy design for multi-function landscapes

Analysis of land use trade-offs:

  • optimising the location and quality of habitat for biodiversity
  • the social, economic and production impacts of minerals and energy extraction in rural areas

Understanding and planning for conservation of endangered and indicator species in rural landscapes

Practice and policy for managing and adapting to climate variability including:

  • management of biodiversity
  • management of production systems

Emissions mitigation through land use management, including:

  • vegetation establishment and retention
  • managing energy use
  • the social and economic impacts of changes in the availability of water

Developing tools for evaluation of monitoring resource condition and biodiversity

Monitoring and managing groundwater contamination

Program Members

Research leader: Professor Geoff Cockfield

Research team