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Research charter

Who we are

Our research is focused, engaged with industry and communities, and informed by regional and national priorities. We aspire to excellence in our chosen areas of research with a culture of innovation and continuous improvement.

Our values

We promise to be a leading discovery partner in priority research areas by providing excellence, integrity, relevance and value in our work.

More information is available on Research Services.

USQ Research Charter


Achieving meaningful results and producing high quality outputs, and implementing practices that appropriately measure and monitor outputs.

Promoting a positive research culture that enables emerging areas of research strength in an environment of continuous improvement.

Ensuring that a research and researcher development and training framework is in place and delivering benefits for all USQ researchers, including higher degree students.


Embracing the principles and values of ethical conduct including research merit, justice, beneficence and respect for research participants.

Following best practice and adopting rigour in the conduct, management and reporting of research activities.


Developing strong and responsive research collaborations with communities and industry so as to build and maintain capacity in cross-disciplinary research project teams.

Enhancing the research and higher degree research student experience by engaging in community and industry research collaborations.

Focussing our efforts on our research priority areas, while remaining agile so as to respond to emerging areas of USQ's research strength and industry and community needs.


Respecting and acknowledging the skills, expertise and contributions of research workers, including chief investigators, co-investigators, research trainees and research support officers, and other stakeholders.

Incorporating relevance and practicality in the value of high impact research for industry and community.

We are successful when ...

Our Research Workers approach their work with a sense of purpose and achieve a sense of accomplishment.

Our research partners and the communities in which we have a presence, value their relationships with us and are actively seeking to collaborate with us and support new and relevant research initiatives.

Our research facilities are world class, responsibly and sustainably developed and maintained.

Our research development, project planning, management and review enables for our future growth.

Our research culture evolves, is responsive, supportive and follows best practice.