Heritage Bank Geoff McClune Memorial Scholarship in Human Resource Management

In 2020, USQ will offer one Heritage Bank Geoff McClune Memorial Scholarship in Human Resource Management.

Gary Moor and Geoff McClune were senior executives in Marketing and HR at Heritage in the early 1990s. They played significant roles in developing those departments in the early days of Heritage. Tragically, just days after both had left Heritage to pursue a business venture together, they were both killed in a car accident on the Gatton Bypass on their way to Brisbane. The scholarships honour their memory and their contribution to Heritage.

Heritage’s scholarship program at USQ continues a long association between the two organisations. It is one of many ways that Heritage supports the communities in which we operate. These scholarships enhance the opportunities for young people from the region to pursue academic excellence without having to move elsewhere. Scholarships are offered in four areas – Human Resources, Commerce, Information Technology and Marketing – reflecting key skills areas that Heritage is interested in developing. Heritage scholarships not only give financial assistance to students, but also offer the chance to do work experience at the bank. This provides both academic and real-world training for students, and enhances their life experience and their job-readiness.

The scholarship program can identify potential future employees for Heritage however, in giving added incentives for students to choose USQ, Heritage is also supporting the prosperity of the community overall. USQ is a major contributor to the vitality and prosperity of the region. A vibrant USQ is good for the whole region, not only for the economic stimulus that the university provides, but in the contribution it makes to the skills and capacity of the region’s workforce. It’s just another way that Heritage puts People first.

The scholarship will have a maximum value of $4000.

The successful applicant may be offered professional work experience in the year of the award, as mutually arranged.